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University College Dublin promotes university life as a journey of both academic and personal discovery. The breadth and flexibility of the UCD curriculum gives you opportunities to broaden your learning in ways that other Irish universities can’t match. Students tell us that they love the flexibility of the UCD curriculum. This is afforded through the UCD Horizons programme, which allows students to explore areas beyond the scope of their degree programmes.


  • UCD ranked within the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide, has become Ireland’s global university

  • UCD leadership encompasses the governance, management and budgetary structures to enable the University’s vision

Programmes Available

Agriculture, Food & Nutrition

Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy 

Arts and Humanities

Business and Management


Law and Criminal Justice

Health and Medicine




Social Sciences

Sports and Performance

Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

At The Institute of Education there are no constraints in terms of subject choice. With 25 subjects available, students have the flexibility to choose the combination of subjects that best fits their strengths, interests and future aspirations. Some subjects are also offered at both a regular and fast-paced learning, to suit different learning styles and abilities.

Programmes Available

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