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Our Research Skills course develops your student’s ability to conduct independent research that
goes far beyond their textbooks or basic internet searches. They will learn how to gather information
from a wide range of credible resources and how to structure the research process. They will learn
about tools and techniques to save them time and how to reference their sources correctly. By the
end of the course they will feel confident about their findings and know how to present them in a
clear and convincing way.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

✔✔Manage their research time in the most efficient way
✔✔Use tools and techniques to organise their research
✔✔ Search more deeply for a wide range of sources
✔✔ Evaluate sources for credibility
✔✔Use reading strategies to tackle complex texts
✔✔Draw their own conclusions based on research
✔✔ Reference their sources correctly
✔✔ Share their findings in a clear and convincing way

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