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Maritime industry is the backbone of modern businesses and is responsible for transporting over 90 percent of the world goods. Without maritime transport, the import and export of goods and merchandises on the scale necessary for the modern world would not be possible. With the growing efficiency of shipping as an economical mode of transport and increasing trade liberalisation, seaborne trade continues to expand and prosper while employing millions of people worldwide on land and sea.

The future of the industry certainly looks promising. On the global scale, countries worldwide are concentrating on international trade activities to spur economic growth. In the next 10 – 15 years, world trade is projected to grow significantly, resulting in a doubling of seaborne trade volumes from 10 billion tonnes of cargo annually today to 20 billion tonnes of cargo around year 2030. In Malaysia, the growing investment in port and maritime infrastructure are seen as truly positive catalysts that will underpin a strong economic growth and sustainable future for the country. Port Klang and Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), the leading container ports in the country, continue to rank among the world’s top 20 container ports. In the long-term, the proposed development of Carey Island Port-Industrial City Project with a capacity of 30 million TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit) will further strengthen the activities of maritime trade and transform Malaysia into a regional maritime centre.

In response to the growing industry and rise in demand for human capital, Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology (NMIT) was established in 2011 to undertake maritime education, training, research and consultancy activities. Located right at the heart of ASEAN and at the junction of bustling regional maritime industries, NMIT is strategically positioned to support national and regional competitiveness in the maritime, logistics as well as oil and gas industries through the offering of various accredited academic and training programmes. Driven by our motto, “Excellence with a Purpose”, we strive to provide the students as well as industry personnel with the right skills, ample knowledge and valuable experience that are required for a successful maritime career. 



Taught by industry experts and seasoned educationists with extensive experience in the industry, our academic programmes are finely tailored and designed to meet the requirements and ever changing needs of the industry. Our programmes cover a wide range of maritime, oil & gas and logistics-related domains, focusing on the different aspects of maritime transportation from shipping and port operations to maritime safety, security and law. Committed to the underlining philosophy of the Institute, “Excellence with a Purpose”, we put great emphasis on real-world industry knowledge as well as soft skills, interpersonal and leadership development to ensure our graduates are well-equipped and capable to operate in a wide range of fields and environments.

Students undergoing our programmes will have the opportunity to be exposed to, not only the theoretical knowledge, but also relevant practical know-how and first-hand industrial experiences through our structured modules and internship courses. Graduates of NMIT will be trained and ready to serve employers in various sectors of the industry. They will be equipped to pursue careers in maritime transportation, ports, shipping, maritime logistics, vessel traffic management, education, leisure, offshore oil & gas, maritime law and many more fields in both private and government sectors. 

Our location at EduCity@Iskandar further enhances our ability to provide the students with the best learning environment. Being in EduCity, NMIT students will be able to socialise with students from all other universities while enjoying an integrated campus experience with ready access to shared amenities such as international student village, a 12,000-seater stadium and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

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