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Founded in 1967 as a non-profit making organization, MIA has trained and produced thousands of creative professionals who have contributed their creative skills to various industries in this country. In decades of successive generations, this institution has expanded, offering a range of Diploma courses in the field of art, design and music with comprehensive and well designed course contents.

The emphasis is placed on the mastery of creative skills, in-depth inquires, conceptual development, critical thinking and digital knowledge. MIA makes every effort to nurture talents, encourages creative expressions from our students while integrating multi-ethnic cultural values into our programs to enhance our students' learning experience.

We endeavor to provide affordable and quality education in the creative arts byl providing a conducive environment for our students to develop their creative potentials and strive for artistic excellence. MIA is committed to cater for the needs of human resources by providing innovative, confident, independent and creative professionals who will contribute towards the advancement of this country's creative industry.


Why MIA ?

50 Years of Art Excellence

We have been offering excellent and innovative art educations to students and have been producing creative professionals for over 50 years.

Over 15 competitions & awards per year

Our students have actively represented MIA in various arts and music events as well as creative competitions every year.

Comprehensive Facilities & Services

We offer Scholarship and Financial Aid for students, Art & Design Library, Computer Lab and various Workshops. 

Our very own Art Gallery

We have designed a platform to showcase our students' unique works. 

Excellent graduates

MIA has produced notable graduates who have contributed to many of our country's creative industries. 

Housing & Safe Environment

We offer housing services for our students, close to the campus with a safe environment. 

Connecting You with the World

We forge partnerships with oversea universities and various industries to provide opportunities to the students. 

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