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Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology will provide our students with a transformative university experience, empowering our graduates to fully contribute to the social, economic and cultural betterment of society. We aim to invest in excellent applied learning, teaching and research environments, reflecting the real needs of business, enterprise and the professions in our region.


Programmes Available

Agriculture and Environmental Management (Hons)    
Rural Enterprise and Agri Business (Hons)    
Agriculture and Environmental Management    
Rural Enterprise and Agri-Business

Accounting (Hons)    
Business (Hons)    
Business Information Systems (Hons)    
Entrepreneurship Level 8    
Finance & Economics (Hons)    
Information Technology for Business (Hons)        
Marketing and Sales (Hons)    
Business Information Systems    
Marketing and Sales    
Business (HC)

Common First Year - Furniture Design, Making and Technology (Hons)    
Contemporary Art (Hons)    
Design (Hons)    
Film and Documentary (Hons)    
Furniture and Digital Manufacturing (Hons)        
Furniture Design and Manufacture (Hons)        
Furniture Making and Architectural Woodworking (Hons)    Teacher Education - Design, Graphics and Construction (Hons)        
Common First Year - Furniture Design, Making and Technology    
Contemporary Art    
Furniture and Digital Manufacturing        
Furniture Design and Manufacture        
Furniture Making and Architectural Woodworking

Ard Dioplóma    
Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences (Hons)    
Event Management with PR (Hons, Add-On)        
Event Management with Public Relations (Hons)    
Heritage Studies (Hons)    
International Hotel Management (Hons)    
International Hotel Management (Hons, Add-on)    
International Tourism Management (Hons)    
Religious Studies    
Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts - SPRNGBOARD+        
Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences    
Event Management with PR    
Heritage Studies    
Hotel and Catering Management    
International Tourism Management    
Certificate in Pastry, Baking and Desserts    
Culinary Arts (Higher Certificate)    
Culinary Skills (Certificate) - SPRINGBOARD+    
Heritage Studies (Higher Certificate)    
Hotel and Hospitality Operations    
Tourism (Higher Certificate)

Agricultural Engineering (Hons)    
Architectural Technology (Hons)    
Biomedical Engineering (Hons)    
Civil Engineering (Hons)    
Construction Management (Hons)    
Energy Engineering (Hons)    
Engineering Common Entry (Hons)    
Manufacturing Engineering Design (Hons)    
Mechanical Engineering (Hons)    
Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics (Hons)    
Software and Electronic Engineering (Hons)    
Agricultural Engineering    
Architectural Technology    
Biomedical Engineering    
Civil Engineering    
Construction Management    
Energy Engineering    
Engineering Common Entry    
Manufacturing Engineering Design    
Mechanical Engineering    
Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics    
Software and Electronic Engineering

Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science (Hons)    
Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology (Hons)    
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science (Hons)    
Computing and Digital Media (Hons)    
Computing and Digital Media (Hons, Add-on)    
Computing (Data Analytics) - ICT SKILLS/SPRINGBOARD    
Computing (Software Development) - ICTSKILLS/SPRINGBOARD    
Forensic Science and Analysis (Hons)    
Medical Science (Hons)    
Physics and Instrumentation (Hons)    
Public Health Nutrition (Hons)    
Software Development (Hons)    
Software Development (Hons, Add-on)
Sport and Exercise Science (Hons)    
Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science    
Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology    
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science    
Common Science (Undenominated)    
Computing and Digital Media    
Physics and Instrumentation    
Software Development

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