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Offering you an experience that goes beyond the physical boundaries of a classroom, GlobalNxt University’s online MBA degree focuses on broadening your practical knowledge in the subject. It acquaints you with the complexity as well as the nature of the ever-changing, ever-evolving business challenges.


The online degree is aimed at developing the leadership skills of the learners. It covers the know-hows of managing vital industry functions like strategic marketing, accounting, finance and operations. It also teaches about the intricacies involved in international economies and markets.


The highlight of the degree is that because it is an online course, the entire study material is available online 24*7. It means our learners have the flexibility to refer to the course material during any time of the day. The teaching staff is also readily available to solve the queries of our learners.


As most learners opting for the course are experienced professionals, the typical age of candidates applying for our online course is between 26 and 42 years. The students ideally take 24-36 months to complete the course.

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