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ONLINE ENQUIRY with GB Academy !


We are remaining our digital approach due to conditional movement control order until 9 June 2020

Feel free to join our ONLINE ENQUIRY session.
Make appointment with us thru whataspp / line / wechat / FB to before you visit our office.

Stay Home & Stay Digital :) 

为了配合马来西亚政府颁布的条件性限制令 ,GB Academy 升学辅导机构持续提供在线咨询服务
同学们若是想要前来办事处咨询, 可以通过Whatsapp / Skype/ Line/ FB 和我们和蔼可亲的辅导员做个预约先哟!

016-209 7733 Gobi GB
010-966 9508 Xyavion Ng

016-748 7733 Jocelyn GB

ASK  GB Anything !

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E-Counseling with Experienced Consultant

Date: Every Saturday

Time: 11AM - 2PM

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